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The Vineyardds

As reported by some epigraphs of the early XIX century, the Cortese grape has been cultivated at La Lomellina for more than two hundred years.


  • Harvest


    When the grapes reach a perfect balance of sugars, aromatic substances and acidity, the bunches are hand harvested, placed in 20 kg crates, and brought to the winery. There, the grapes are cooled down and then softly pressed.

  • Selection


    Only the best grapes are chosen to make our Marchese Raggio Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi. After harvesting, the grapes ‘rest’ in the winery for a night. The day after, the bunches are meticulously controlled and selected. If a bunch does not satisfy our quality standards, it is discarded.

  • Pressing


    The soft pressing separates the must from the skins. The must is then placed into stainless steel tanks, where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at the controlled temperature of 14-16°C.

  • Battonages


    When the fermentation is complete, the wine is transferred again into stainless steel tanks, where it is kept at the low temperature of 8-10°C. There, frequent batonnages are performed, to increase the richness and aromatic complexity of our Gavi.

  • Vinification


    The oenologist supervises the vinification process. His goal is to exalt the terroir and the typical characteristics of the grape variety and of our region. Since antiquity, Cortese has been grown on the hills around the town of Gavi, where our estate is. Here this grape has been able to express the best of its potential, both in terms of quality and longevity. The resulting wine is unique.

  • Bottling


    During aging, the wine is regularly tasted to establish the moment when it is ready to be bottled. Generally, this happens between 6 and 8 months after the harvest. The wine also spends 3 to 4 months aging in the bottle before putting it on the market.



    Residuo Zero da Fitofarmaci


    Certifications and Analysis


    Gavi D.O.C.G

    In the glass, our Gavi shows a beautiful intense straw-yellow color. Pleasant fruity aromas emerge together with elegant floral and mineral notes. Its flavor is fresh, rich and savory, and the finish is clean and long.”

    The Oenologist’s Suggestions


    Keep the wine in a cool and dry room at 12-15°C.

    Service temperature

    Our wines are best served at 10-12°C.


    Our Gavi is perfect with fish in particular, but also more in general with appetizers and light first courses. We also recommend to pair it with fresh cheese.

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